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PostSubject: FARMING 101   FARMING 101 EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 4:21 pm

Greetings, and welcome to farming, one of the most financialy stable, long term methods of getting "free" fsp. But do not be mislead, to become an efficient, or even an uberfarmer it takes a large and dedicated opening investment. This is why you see so few lower level farmers of any note. But it CAN be done. We will go over each requirement individually.


Simple, you need somewhere to store all your plants for sale on the AH or to a buyer. Lower level players: To get a decent start, you're going to need at least 10 BP slots. This will give you enough room to start working the AH or small scale potioneer. Ultimately, you will want around 40 BP slots. This will allow you to send any buyer plants in FULL fsp batches. Having higher level guildmates and friends online helps as they might be willing to help with storage and/or sales.

Donations: Yes, it's real money, but it is also the surest and fastest method there is.... instant gratification!
Offerpal: It can pay rather well, but can be very annoying and confusing..... Unless you know what you're getting into here, get help or skip it.
Level & Save: slow and sure always wins the race... Simple, easy, but sloooooow. As you level, PvP, quest, or whatever else, save up your gold and buy your fsp one at a time. If you're selling plants on the AH... same thing, but you might want to have a trusted friend or higher level guild mate help hold ur gold and buy fsp. I say this because it's quite easy to get caught up in getting and selling of plants and forget to watch your gold piling and WHAM you're a PvP target.



The good thing about max stam is that it's dead cheap. At 2fsp/10 max stam, you can afford to buy up with leftover fsp.... it adds up quick. So, while max stam is, indeed, a neccesity, you need not worry about setting aside any large amount of fsp for it up front.



Adept Learner/Librarian: Increase xp.

Treasure Hunter / Merchant: Increase gold.

concerning the buffs listed above... why not get what you can? But, like any good thing, the benefits reaped with these will gradually get smaller as you level up. eventually, it would be best to dump them as a waste of stam.

Conserve: % chance to not use any stam when attacking. = +5% output

Lightfoot: % chance to not use any stam when moving. = +5% output

Animal Magnetism: % chance that the monster you just killed will instantly respawn on the spot.

Resource Finder: This buff replaces the FI potions and limits the drops to just plants. Granted there is a potion with a slightly higer level, but this buff is good for higher level players or those with a buttload of stam as it lasts for around 3 hours.

Unbreakable: % chance that your equipment will suffer any wear and tear during use (lowers repair costs)... NOTE: this also comes in a potion (potion of resilience = UB 190) but it does not last as long as the buff unless you get a BM (Brew Master) with it.

Brew Master: This buff extends the life, and increases the effectiveness of any potion you use...... MAKE SURE TO HAVE THE BUFF ON YOU B4 YOU USE POTIONS!!! If you don't, it will be useless.


Potion of Adept Gatherer: (RF 200)... but it only lasts for 60 min. unless you have BM running.

Potion of Resilience (UB 190)... this is good if you're wearing a full set of eq to farm because those extra 15 lvls do make a difference... but as above, it only runs for 60 min. unless you have BM running


After much thought, I have decided to simply post the url for each farmable plant. There multiple levels and maps for each plant........ I'm not that ambitious. Follow the link and decide your own path from here farmer.

Amethyst Weed:

Blood Bloom:

Cerulean Rose:




Ruby Thistle:

Viridian Vine:
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FARMING 101 Empty
PostSubject: Re: FARMING 101   FARMING 101 EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 2:02 pm

Thats very nice walkthrough for farming Very Happy . youve done great job with it
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